Stakeholder Perception on Factors Influencing Ngo Collaboration with Government in Family Health Education in the Tema Metropolis of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana


The purpose of this study was to determine stakeholder perception on factors influencing collaboration between Governmental Organizations (GOs) and Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) based on organizations sampled from the Tema Metropolis in Ghana.  Using descriptive analysis, the study identified the key factors that facilitate successful collaboration between NGOs and GOs to include frequent communication, a good purpose and a favourable policy environment along with the roles and responsibilities that characterize an effective collaboration.  It recommends guidelines for implementation of collaboration projects to include the adoption of joint monitoring and evaluation teams and the signing of MoUs to cover projects.

Keywords: NGO collaboration, Stakeholder perception, Tema Metropolis., family health education

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 20-33 (Download PDF)

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