Regional continental organizations like the African Union (A.U), European Union (EU) and Organization of American States (OAS) has remain a platform for pursuing common goals by its member’s states in harnessing their resources to achieve their individual and collective goals. This paper provides comparative analysis of the AU and other regional continental organizations notably among which are; the EU, and OAS considering that they have provided the platform for regional cohesion and development. Besides, they also provide the platform for promoting national objective as well as serve as a link with other regional organizations and state actors. Moreover, this has been necessitated by the compatibility of state values and expectations. However, the ability to use the benefits provided by these platform, as well as linkages that exist among these states notably which are economic similar socio-cultural and political tie remains vital. Notwithstanding, these regional continental organizations have faced several challenges namely: ideological disparity, conflicting members’ state interest among others. Although, the successes of these regional continental organizations is determine by the extent of cohesion, shared interest and capabilities of their member states. Lastly, the theory of international integration notably neo-functionalism will help to explain, prescribe and predict these developments


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