Student Opinion Regrading Pre-Marriage Certification Policy


Parental divorce cases bring many negative effects, especially for the health quality of the children both physicaly and mentally. Since youth are future leaders of a nation, high rate of divorce in Indonesia gets the attention of the Indonesian government to conduct a preventive program through premarital certification. This program has gained pros and cons in the community at large and among students. Related to the pros and cons, this study aims at identifying university students’ opinion on the policy of premarital certification. This study was conducted using a survey method. Data of the study were collected through questionnaire, where 100 of university students involved as the samples of the study. The analysis technique is done through a single table description analysis. The results found that the premarital certification policy conducted by the government received less positive response from students. This is indicated by 64% of respondents who expressed their disagreement with this premarital certification program. Students assume that the premarital certification program will cause extortion and violation of the rights of privacy of the community, especially related to the reproductive health of healthy couples

Keywords: Divorce, family, premarital certification

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