The Role of Education and Training Leadership of Echelon IV in Improving Apparatus Resources Quality of Asahan Regency


This study aims to describe the result of Education and Training Leadership of Echelon IV of Asahan Regency. The location of the study was carried out in the government agencies of Asahan Regency by BPSDM of North Sumatra. This research is held on April 2018 to September 2018 by using qualitative research methods. The result shows that knowledge assessment, work ethic attitude (skills) and leadership (abilities) that increase after attending Education and Training Leadership of Echelon IV. Apparatus in Asahan Regency who received training and education could transform their knowledge to other employees to improve the quality of resources in Asahan Regency.

Keywords: education and training leadership; echelon IV; apparatus resources

Article Review Status: Published

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