The Role of Village Consultative Board (BPD) in the Management of Village Funds in Limbong Village, Dolok Merawan Subdistrict, Serdang Bedagai Regency, Indonesia


The village fund in its management is carried out in an orderly manner, abiding by the provisions of the legislation, efficient, economical, effective, transparent, and accountable by paying attention to the sense of justice and propriety and prioritizing the interests of the local community, listed in Government Regulation number 22 of 2015 concerning Village Funds. Supervision of Village Fund Management by BPD in Limbong Village is done by monitoring all income and expenditure of village cash, to support the monitoring, BPD Limbong Village, Dolok Merawan District asks for Village Finance Report, both income and expenditure but in doing the monitoring are still many members Some of the BPD who do not understand what to do even know nothing about thevVillage fund.

Keywords: Management, Village Consultative Board, Village Fund

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