Implication of Academic Staff Union Strike Action on Students’ Academic Performance: Ex-Post-Facto Evidence from University Of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria.


The study explored the implication of the incessant industrial action by academic staff unions on the students’ academic performance: ex-post-facto evidence from University of Lagos, Nigeria. With the objective of carrying out relative analysis of the students’ academic performances in the pre-strike semester to post strike semester capturing the academic performance by GPA. The study developed a theoretical framework and employed ex-post-facto research design. The research revealed that strike action disrupts academic calendar which bestowed on students psyche cost, disheartenment and unable to speedily regenerate themselves towards academic exercises at the resumption. Consequently, poor academic performance in the post-strike semester. The Study recommends amongst others that whatever the grievances, academic union and other bodies that operate in education sector should not resort to the strike as weapon of bargaining. Joint Consultation Committee should be set up and meet on periodic intervals to discuss impending matters that could generate dispute.

Keywords: : Academic Performance, Academic Staff Union, Curriculum, Educational Objectives, Industrial Action

Article Review Status: Published

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