Socioeconomic Survey and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Artisanal Fisheries in Egbin Waterside, Lagos Lagoon, Lagos State, Nigeria


Socioeconomic survey of artisanal fisherfolks of  Egbin waterside, Lagos lagoon, Lagos State, Nigeria conducted for 6 months (April 2015-October, 2015)  revealed the presence of 15 most commonly caught  species  viz Caranx senegalensis, Tilapia zilli, Cynoglossus  cynoglossus, Pomadasy jubelini(grunter), Trachinotus goreensis (owere), Sphagebranchus cephaloptis(snake eel), Eucinostomus melanopterus(flagfin mojarra), Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus, Polynemus decadactylus (African threadfin), Erpetoichthys calabaricus (reed fish), Pseudotolithus elongatus ,Mugil cephalus and Ethmalosa fimbriata, Sphyraena piscatorum and Elops lacerta . Socioeconomic survey of the fisher folks revealed a high rate of illiteracy among the fisherfolks of Egbin. About 60% had no formal education, hence the generally poor record-keeping  habit observed. About 60% of whom practiced cast net fishing supplemented with gill netting(21%), hooks and lines(17%) revealed dearth of infrastructural facilities, poor record keeping habit, lack of awareness of modern fishing laws and regulations, poor access to credit and improved fishing inputs and extension services. Cost-benefit analysis showed the use of paddled canoes by 20% of the fisherfolks was less profitable than use of motorised canoes by 80% of the fisherfolks. Earnings before Tax  for fishing with paddle canoes and motorised canoes were N379,500 and N1,564,500.00 respectively. Return On Sales(ROS) for paddled and motorised canoe users were 46% and 58% respectively while the Benefit-Cost ratio were 1.86: 1  and 2.40:1 respectively. The diverse challenges facing the fisher folks  calls for provision of a conducive enabling environment by the government. There is a need for training and sensitization of the fisherfolks of Ondo State. Policy makers should also adopt a ‘ Bottom-up approach’ to incorporate the specific needs of the artisanal fisher folks who were the major stakeholders.

Keywords: Artisanal Fisheries, Cost Benefit, Lagos Lagoon, Socioeconomic Survey

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