The Species Composition and Diversity of the Coastal Waters of Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria


A study of  the socioeconomic status of the fisherfolks of Badagry coastal waters as well as species composition, distribution  and diversity of  the coastal waters  was conducted for 12 months  (January 2014-December 2014 ) in Badagry Local government area using two purposively selected prominent fish landing sites of  Yovoyan and  Gberefu  and  monthly sampling of catches revealed the presence of  64 species from 39 families in Badagry coastal waters of Lagos State, Nigeria. Eight of  the 64 species which were predominant include  Pseudotolithus senegalensis, Trachinotus goreensis, Tilapia  zilli, Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus, Polydactylus quadrifilis, Ethmalosa fimbriata, Pomadasy jubelini  and Sphyraena piscatorum in the  coastal waters of  Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria . The eight most predominant fish families in terms of number were Scianidae (10.4%), followed by Carangidae (9.02%), Cichlidae (8.6%), Polynemidae (7.7%), Pomadasidae (6.7%), Clupeidae (5.2%), Claroteidae (4.1%), Sphyraenidae (3.53%) and others (44.8%). Gberefu lagoon waters was richer in species than Yovoyan marine water front.  Lausanne Index of Abundance recorded for Badagry coastal waters was 94.0 while Margalef’s index ( a measure of species richness) was 8.03. A high level of heterogeneity of stock was observed as revealed by Simpson Index of 0.018 recorded. The value of Diversity indices such as  Jaccard,s coefficient calculated to be  0.88  showed there was  great similarity in species composition  between  Gberefu and Yovoyan.  Shannon-Weiner Index of general Diversity (Hi) value was 0.33 showing dominance of some species in the coastal waters of Badagry.  Evenness Index (E) of  0.082 showed all the species were not equally abundant in the waters. The author recommends the need to protect the existing stock especially the monospecific families like the Osteoglosidae and Gymnarchidae through regular monitoring of the physicochemical parameters of the coastal waters which are highly susceptible to industrial pollution, Lagos State being a highly industrialised  State. More funds should be committed by the government to researches on population dynamics and biomass estimate of our coastal waters.

Keywords: Coastal, Diversity Indices, Predominant., Socioeconomics, Species Composition

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