“Gawe” Factors Affecting Teachers’ Barriers to Professional Development: The Albanian case


The purpose of this study is to better comprehend the viewpoints of teachers in Durres’ pre-university schools regarding their professional development needs and the obstacles they face. The study explored three main factors that affect teachers’ barriers to professional development in Albania such as teachers’ gender, teachers’ age, and teachers’ working experience (GAWE Factors). SPSS 25 was used to evaluate the information gathered from 416 respondents via the questionnaire, in order to achieve a more thorough and professional study. The questionnaires were completed between September and October of 2022. The study gives light on the relationship between these variables and professional development obstacles and lays the foundations for further and more in-depth explorations regarding the factors and barriers that teachers face in relation to their professional development

Citation: Leka K. (2022) “Gawe” Factors Affecting Teachers’ Barriers to Professional Development: The Albanian case, European Journal of Training and Development Studies, Vol.9 No.3, pp.16-28

Keywords: Albanian, Barriers, Gawe, Professional Development, Teachers

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37745/ejtds.2014/vol9n31628

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 16-28 (Download PDF)

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