Exploring the Effectiveness of Selected Postharvest Training Information on Improved Maize Crib Utilization by Maize Farmers in Southwest Nigeria


Citation: Benson, O.B., Olatilewa, O.M., Anifowoshe, A. O. and Sanusi, R.O.(2022) Exploring the Effectiveness of Selected Postharvest Training Information on ImprovedMaize Crib Utilization by Maize Farmers in Southwest Nigeria, European Journal of Training and Development Studies, Vol.9 No.1, pp.20-31,

Abstract: Information and training are primarily for knowledge and capacity development which are essential for adoption and utilization of agricultural technologies. This study explored the effectiveness of selected Postharvest Training Information (PhTI) on Improved Maize Crib’s (IMC) utilization by maize farmers in Southwest Nigeria. A total of 141 respondents were selected using cluster sampling technique. Data were collected with 135 questionnaires (96% response rate) and was analyzed using descriptive statistics, Likert-type scales and Chi-square. The results of the study revealed that farmers (39.2%) received PhTI on maize protectants regularly, whereas application of the protectants was received occasional by 39% of sampled farmers. Results further showed that respondents utilized IMC to a great extent and strongly agreed that maize crib allows airflow for adequate drying (  = 4.83). Also, they (68.1%) strongly agreed that maize stores longer in crib when protectant is applied (  = 4.68). Respondents agreed that pests have limited access to stored maize (  = 4.17) and are able to store excess production and sell during lean season (  = 4.04) using IMC. Chi-square analysis of association between selected PhTI and utilization of IMC revealed a positive and statistically significant relationship ( =18.797-56.186, *p˂0.005; *p˂0.001) between all the variables. The results reported that PhTI disseminated to maize farmers was significant, positive and very effective which could aid adequate utilization of IMC. The study recommends a policy framework that could sustain the collaboration of state ADPs (extension agents) and NSPRI in postharvest training information delivery and monitoring.

Keywords: Farmers, Maize, Utilization, improved maize crib, postharvest training information

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37745/ejtds.14/vol9no1pp.20-31

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