Impact of Working Environment and Training & Development on Organization Performance through Mediating Role of Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction


In today’s challenging and competitive environment organizations and institutes are making continuous effort to improve the performances of their employees. To investigate this notion this study has used a deductive approach with a cross-sectional research design & self-completion survey instrument. This approach has been used to collect data from 300 respondents. Structure Equation Modeling (SEM) technique has been used for analysis and result generation. Employee engagement and job satisfaction are found to act as mediator between working environment, training & development and organization performance. Working environment, training & development, employee engagement and job satisfaction appear to be effective ways in developing a strong relationship with organization performance. The present study could facilitate and provide a guidelines to consider implementation of practical applications regarding enhancing the employee engagement. This study suggests that employee engagement and satisfaction play the mediating role between working environment, training & development and organization performance

Keywords: Employee Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Organization performance, Training & Development, Working Environment

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