The Effect of Integrated Pharmaceutical Logistic System on User Satisfaction and Logistics Performance of HIV/AIDS Commodities: Evidence form Public Hospitals in Ethiopia


This study was conducted to assess the effect of IPLS on user satisfaction and logistics performance of HIV/AIDS commodities. Data were collected from 127 respondents in six public Hospitals using questionnaire and interview. The study employed explanatory design with mixed research method. The data collected and analyzed indicated that IPLS enhances their satisfaction which increases job performance of users. IPLS resulted in big improvement in the accuracy of logistics by improving planning, decision making, productivity and overall logistics objectives. The regression analysis indicated that all the independent variables have strong and positive effect on user satisfaction and thereby on Logistics performance except system quality which did not have strong and positive effect on user satisfaction due to factors specific to the Ethiopian environment as indicted in the interview such as turnover of trained staff, lack of trainings and other factors. Future research may be conducted by incorporating other variables that affect IPLS, covering wider geographic area, and also incorporating private hospitals.

Keywords: Cultural Factors, HIV/AIDS commodities, Information quality, Service Quality, system quality, user satisfaction


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