Rural – Urban Migration of Working in the Elbasan, District of Albania


Most indicators of social – economic welfare  in Elbasan region show a duality that shows a big difference between rural – urban areas, for indicators such as: living standards including health, income and access of different types of employment. As a result of high rates of growth population  is noted involvement of young people entering every year in the labor force. In order to employ the large number of young people, able to work, Elbasan district should create hundreds of job opportunities every year for new entrants in the labor force. Considering the large number of new entrants in the labor force, entering every year is shown un unemployment rate . I have made my choice to realize my scientific research in the field of rural – urban migration. I ask partly growing academic interest in the study of internal migration in less developed countries.

Keywords: Internal migration, Logistic models, Urbanization, human mobility

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