The Impact of Transportation Management System on Supply Chain Management: The Effectiveness of Chinese Online Shopping Delivery – The “Kuaidi” System


Transportation is not only a means of travel but is also a means of business growth. Transportation plays a very useful role in the development of the production sector in a country as well as the service provision so long as supply and demand are a concern. The aim of a customer is to have his or her goods delivered to him or her on time which intends provide the client satisfaction. Efficient Supply Chain Management design and efficiency in its management is the fundamental basis for the growth and the sustainability of the organization: the lesson from this study. However, one of the necessary logistics ineffective Supply Chain Management is the Transportation factor. The effectiveness of every Supply Chain is built around the carriage of the goods to the customer in time, and on time, just at the time, the customer needs them. Furthermore, it helps to meet the needs of the client as and when they need these services. Effectiveness in timely delivery of goods and services – meeting the customer just at the time of need – is one but thousand aim in supply chain design. Significantly, no manager can accomplish such effectiveness without first conquering efficient transportation. Considerably, the study looks briefly at the “kuaidi” system of online shopping in China – so to establish the relationship between transportation and efficient Supply Chain Management conclusively. The study is purely theoretical.


Keywords: Effectiveness, Logistics, Supply Chain Design, Supply China management, Transpiration

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