Assessing the Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) On the Performance of Freight Distribution


The application and development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have already had significant effects on many industries, especially in the field of freight distribution. This paper examines the impact of ICT on the performance of freight distribution in terms of supply chain, logistics and fleet management. A survey was conducted to 77 ICT users from 22 companies consisting of 6 manufacturers, 5 third part logistics, 4 freight forwarders, 5 warehouse operators, 8 wholesalers and retailers. A descriptive statistical analysis was used to analysis the data obtained. One of the major findings of the research is the impact level of ICT use by Freight industries in Lagos and Ogun State which falls into moderate impact on their performance as majority of them only use the low technology for information gathering. It was discovered that the major barrier to use of ICT is the acquisition cost. Government needs to promote a sharing of knowledge about the use and the role of ICT in logistics with logistics firms by facilitating a demonstration of technology solution and expand innovative public and private financing methods in generating finance and building skills for the development of ICT capacity

Keywords: 3PLs, 4PL, Freight, Globalization, ICT, Internet, Logistics, infomediary

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