Supply Chain Manager Competencies and Their Impact on Supply Chain Integration


The level of supply chain professionals’ competencies is a crucial factor to enhance a firm’s competitiveness. Given the limited interdisciplinary study of supply chain management and human resource management, we provide insights of how supply chain manager competencies can impact the supply chain integration of a firm. Starting by developing a list of competencies, using principle component analysis, we achieve two key competencies; namely Technical Knowledge and Application and Traits and Management Skills. Subsequently, we apply multivariate regression to reveal how the two groups of competencies and a supply chain manager’s roles and responsibilities impact differently each dimension of supply chain integration; namely internal integration, supplier integration and customer integration. At a significance level of 0.05, interpretation of regression coefficients reveals that Technical Knowledge and Application impacts internal and customer integration while Traits and Management Skills impacts internal integration. A supply chain manager’s roles and responsibilities impact only internal integration. The findings enable concerned parties to implement actions to enrich supply chain managers of today and in the future.

Keywords: Multivariate Analysis, Regression Analysis, Supply Chain Integration, Supply Chain Manager Competencies

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