The Studying of the Key Factors Affecting Cantho Tourism Development


In recent years, Cantho tourism is on the rise, the number of international tourists as well as domestic tourists increasing quickly. Cantho tourism is becoming more and more known in the world, many destinations in the Can tho are voted as the favorite destination of international tourists such as Ninh Kieu, Cai Rang… Cantho tourism is increasingly receiving the attention of the whole society. The quality and competitiveness of tourism in Cantho city are issues that receive a lot of attention and discussion. A multi-dimensional approach is to assessing tourism quality that will contribute to the formation of sound solutions to improve the quality and competitiveness of tourism in Cantho City. Therefore, the researchers want to find out the key factors affecting Cantho tourism development. Data surveyed 500 tourists in Cantho City. The surveying time is from 7/2017 to 2/2018. Data processed by SPSS 20.0 and method used by the multiple linear regression analysis. The research results showed there are three key factors affecting Cantho tourism development with level significance 5 percent.  

Keywords: Cantho, Tay Do University, Tourism, Tourism Development

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