Tourism Potential of Onicha Igboeze Community New Yam Festival, Ebonyi State, Nigeria


The study was carried out to assess tourism potential of Onicha Igboeze community New Yam Festival. Six (6) villages, 12 key informants and 60 ordinary residents were selected for the study through multi-stage stratified random sampling technique. Primary data were collected through the use of semi-structured questionnaire, interview schedules and Focus Group Discussions. Secondary information was sourced from historic records and documentaries on the subject matter. Data were analyzed using mean scores from 4-point Likert-Type scale and Explanatory Factor Analysis. Historical and other descriptive information were presented in documentary form. Results showed that the interplay of the rural ambience of Onitcha Igboeze community, the recreational content and structure of her New Yam Festival, and the community’s positive socio-cultural values provide adequate response to recreational needs of a modern urbanized society. It was recommended that community leadership in conjunction with the State ministry of tourism should work to promote the festival as a premium tourism product.

Keywords: Ebonyi State, New Yam Festival, Nigeria, Onitcha Igboeze Community, Rural tourism, Tourism potential

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