Dietary Fibres Composition Analysis of Carob Seed Tegument as Locust Bean Gum Contaminants’


The proximate composition and the fibres content of the carob seed tegument were analyzed in order to evaluate the effect of carob seed hull fragments (as contaminants) on locust bean gum (a galactomannan usually used as food additive) composition. The separation of the seed components by boiling water pre-treatment furnished ~30% of brown coat. The seed coat fibres analysis by enzymatic-gravimetric method with phosphate buffer showed that carob husk contain ~75% IDF (insoluble dietary fiber) and ~15% SDF (soluble dietary fiber). In addition, the NDF (neutral-detergent fibre) composition, determined by non-enzymatic-gravimetric method with detergent solution, revealed the presence of ~20% of insoluble hemicelluloses, ~33% of cellulose and ~9% of lignin fractions. These results suggest that this product may be regarded as a potential fibre source for Locust bean gum flour enrichment, and suitable for use as food ingredient

Keywords: ., Carob seed Tegument, Ceratonia siliqua L., Dietary fibre, Hull, Locust Bean Gum, husk

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