Knowledge, Experience and Use of Probiotics among the Universities and (Paaet) Students of Kuwait


The study was conducted to determine the level of general experience and knowledge concerning probiotics in the different institutions in Kuwait, and the survey led to the realizations of varying data. The survey was conducted to a total of four hundred students from two learning institutions through the use of questionnaires. The students interviewed were of different ages, genders, education levels, nationalities as well as attitudes towards the probiotics information. The probiotics are bacteria that are helpful to the body’s digestion system and are commonly found in the gut’s walls. These bacteria which occur in various forms are present in various food sources such as the milk products as explained in the context. The study also was set to determine the level of awareness concerning the consumption of these bacteria from the interviewers and the relevant data collected. Some of the responses, however, proved that a lot of students are not aware of their consumption of these bacteria as explained in the context.  

Keywords: Knowledge, Probiotics, Survey, University students

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