Chemical and Technological Studies of Mango Seed Kernel


Abstract: The present study aimed to benefit from the flour of mango kernels in the preparation of biscuits after some industrial processing operations to reduce kernels’ content of tannins. Nutritional value of the flour of mango kernels and wheat and prepared biscuits by replacing 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% of wheat flour by the flour of mango kernels. Results showed that the content of the flour of mango kernels of raw fat was 12.39% and the ratio of unsaturated fatty acids was 55.3%. Results also revealed that by increasing replacement proportion the content of biscuits of fibers, ash and fats increased while its content of proteins and carbohydrates decreased. Sensory properties of biscuits also improved by increasing the replacement proportion until 40%. Thus, the results confirm that the use of the flour of mango kernels as an alternative for wheat flour, with 40% of replacement, in the preparation of biscuits improves the nutritional value and quality of biscuits.

Keywords: Mango flour, Najran University, biscuits preparation, mango kernel

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