Effect of Treatments on the Tannin Content and Quality Assessment of Cashew Apple Juice and the Kernel


Cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) apple juice was processed using pasteurized apple (PA), pressure treated apple (PTA), gelatine treated apple (GTA), carbonate treated apple (CTA), salt treated apple (STA), hot water treated apple (HWTA) and unpasteurized apple (UPA) was used as the control sample. Cashew kernels were also processed using oil frying and oven drying techniques and the imported cashew kernel served as the control. The effect of these treatments and techniques on the physical, chemical, tannin and sensory properties were studied. The result of the juice samples showed pH range of 4.06 – 7.28 (HWTA and CTA), colour 3.08EBC – 7.50EBC (CTA and GTA), total solid 12.76 – 24.83% (PA and GTA), titratable acidity 0.03 – 1.97% (CTA and STA), crude protein 0.22 – 8.52% (STA, HWTA and GTA), ash 0.24 – 3.72% (STA and CTA), carbohydrate 6.17 – 8.62% (GTA and STA) and tannin 0.07 – 2.84mg/100ml (HWTA and PA), respectively. Hot water treatment significantly reduced the tannin content of the juice by 96.20%. HWTA juice was observed to maintain significantly high (p<0.05) sensory attributes of colour, taste, flavour, desirability and general acceptability (4.65, 4.21, 3.60, 4.27 and 4.73, respectively) and effectively reduced the astringency of the juice with the score of 2.53. Oil frying and oven drying techniques significantly did not affect all the chemical properties of the produced cashew kernel compare to the imported sample. The reduction of tannin in the cashew kernel was achieved using oil frying technique as regards to the imported sample by 0.1%. There was no significant difference (p<0.05) in all the sensory attributes between the oil fried and imported cashew kernels. From the analysis, the reduction of tannin content in cashew apple juice and cashew kernel was achieved by immersing the apple in hot water before juice expression and by frying the kernels in hot oil before the remover of tasta, respectively and still maintain the physical, chemical and sensory properties of the products.

Keywords: Cashew Apple, Cashew Kernel, Chemical., Juice, Physical, Sensory Properties

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