Cooking And Physicochemical Properties Of Five Rice Varieties Produced In Ohaukwu Local Government Area


Four local rice varieties grown and processed in Ohaukwu and One foreign rice varieties (caprice gold) were analyzed for their cooking, chemical and physical properties. Cooking time differed with variety (p<0.05) and the ranged between 17-23 minutes. Volume expansion ratio varied from 1.67-3.67cm3. Caprice, Faro44 and Faro 15 had higher volume expansion ratio than the other varieties (P<0.05). Gelatinization time varied with variety and the range between 4-11 minutes. Caprice took a longer time to gelatinize and Faro 14 and IRR8 the shortest time. The other varieties differ (p<0.05) in their gelatinization time. Grain elongation during cooking, amount of water evaporating during cooking and solid in cooking water ranged between 0.18-0.38m, 19-42%, 0.02-0.64(g). The values for the amylose ranged between 7.6-37.2% and amylopectin ranged between 69.8-79.8%. The range of physical properties from all the varieties were, length 0.595 to 0.753m, width 0.217 to 0.287m, length/ width ration 2.188 to 3.470mm.

Keywords: Rice, Time, Varieties, cooking, gelatinization

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