Portrayal of Socially Subjugated Indian Women in Desai’s “The Domestic Maid”


The specifics of this research include women’s relegated portrayal in Indian society. Showalter’s model of cultural feminism has been used to expose the subjugated Indian females. This perspective is taken as the foundation for the study which investigates that how the society in which female authors work and function shapes women’s goals, responses and point of view. This study means to investigate the role and contribution of patriarchy and patriarchal values towards the misery, suffering, loneliness and unhappiness of women. Further it emphasizes other psychological, social and economic problems experienced by them. In pursuance of the methodological design outlined above, the story has been scrutinized on feminine notion. This research refers to social and cultural milieu of Indian women and founds the bleak outlook of Indian women’s life.

Keywords: Cultural model, Feminine, Feminism, Patriarchal, Showalter

Article Review Status: Published

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