Theoretical Knowledge on Group Counselling and Dynamics: The Surest Way of Helping Adolescents in S.H.S


Establishing effective group counselling programs in Senior High Schools (SHS) require comprehensive knowledge of theories in group counselling to be able to better understand the behaviour of adolescents and help them to deal with their problems. The dynamics of groups are essential to achieving success at conducting group counselling sessions in educational settings such as the Senior High School. Engaging teenagers who are facing challenges in their lives for group sessions also require sufficient relevant knowledge necessary for understanding, interpreting and predicting behaviours by professional Senior High School counsellors as they work together to achieve common goals with these students. The thrust of this paper was to qualitatively study the subject of the essential theoretical knowledge in group counselling and group dynamics in helping adolescents deal with a plethora of problems that they face in Senior High Schools of the Ghanaian educational system. For this reason, four counsellors from two (2) Senior High Schools in Efutu Municipality were purposively sampled and interviewed to find out whether indeed having theoretical knowledge in group counselling and group dynamics is the surest way for counsellors to help adolescents deal with a plethora of problems they face using a semi-structured interview guide. The findings revealed that indeed counsellors’ success at organising group sessions for adolescents in SHS was based on their theoretical knowledge of group counselling and group dynamics.

Keywords: Adolescents, Senior High School, group counselling

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