Investigation of Some Factors Promoting Deviant Behaviour among Public Secondary School Students in Rivers State, Nigeria


This study investigated factors promoting deviant behaviour among public secondary school students in Rivers state. The study was guided by three research questions and three hypotheses. Sample of 300 students were drawn through simple random sampling technique from three secondary schools in Obio Akpor LGA. Data was collected through questionnaire titled “Factors Promoting Deviant Behaviour Questionnaire” (FPDBQ) developed by the researchers. Reliability coefficient of 0.89 was obtained through test re-test. Mean and standard deviation was used to answer the research questions while t-test was used to test the null hypotheses. The results revealed that poor family background, media and societal influence promote deviant behaviour among secondary school students. The study recommended that family counselling should be taken seriously by all practicing counsellors in Nigeria and parents should regulate what their children watch on televisions and cables.

Keywords: Behaviour, Deviant, Student

Article Review Status: Published

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