Performance Assessment of Secondary School Counsellors in Counselling: Anambra And Enugu States of Nigeria in Focus


The study sought to determine the performance assessment of counsellors in counselling as a school guidance service in Nigerian secondary schools. One research question and one hypothesis were formulated to guide the descriptive survey study. The population of the study was 47010 respondents out of which multistage sampling technique was used to select a sample of 739 respondents, being 45 supervisors and 675 SS II students. A 4 point researcher made 7 items questionnaire tagged Performance Assessment of School Counsellors in Counselling (PASCIC), with a reliability index of 0.73, Cronbach alpha was used to elicit responses after which 720 copies were duly filled and returned. Mean and t-test at 0.05 level of significance were used to test the research question and the hypothesis respectively. Findings reveal that Nigerian counsellors, in the face or all odds are proficient in counselling  which  would be  traceable to  cultures and traditions of  counselling  by  elderly people  in  Nigeria to the  younger  ones.  

Keywords: Assessment, Counsellors, Performance, School – Guidance and Counselling

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