Rose Apple Fruit: It Prospects For Juice and Wine Production


The following nutritional values of rose apple juice were determined such as moisture content, protein content, crude fibre, fat content, ash content, total soluble solid, titrable Acidity, vitamin C and pH. The juice has a moisture content of 95.50% which indicated that the fruit is very juicy makes it suitable for juice and production. The ash content of rose apple is 0.144% which indicates the presence of mineral component in the Rose apple which is essential for body use. The protein content of rose apple is 0.132% which indicate that the rose apple contain some level of protein in it. The fibre content is given to be 0.002% which indicates that the rose apple contains low fibre level. The fat content of the rose apple is 0.66% which indicates that the rose apple contains high level of fat. The total soluble solid of rose apple is 4.10% which is low compared to that of pineapple that is 13.3%. The Vitamin C content in rose apple is given to be 19.986mg/100g; it shows that rose apple has appreciable level of vitamin C. The pH value of rose apple is given to be 4.46 which showed that it contains some level of acid. The titretable acidity (TA) of rose apple is determined to be 0.315g/100ml.  From these results, it shows that rose apple is a good source of all nutritional components and has potentials as a good raw material for both fruit juice and wine production.

Keywords: Fruit, Juice, Prospects, Rose Apple, Wine

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