Effective Strategic Decision-Making and Strategic Decision Makers’ Characteristics: The Role of Cognitive Diversity and Complexity


This study examines the effect of strategic decision makers’ characteristic dimensions on effective strategic decision-making in some selected government agencies/commissions in Delta State, Nigeria. These dimensions include cognitive diversity and cognitive complexity of decision makers. To achieve this, specific objectives with corresponding hypotheses were formulated. Primary data were therefore obtained through self-structured instruments (questionnaire) that was validated and pilot-tested. From a population of 290 employees of government constituted boards of selected agencies and commissions, a sample size of 168 respondents was drawn via the Taro Yamane formula. Questionnaires were designed to elicit reactions of respondents relating to the various variables of concerns. Findings of the study established that, there is a significant positive relationship between strategic decision maker’s cognitive diversity and effective strategic decision making, however, no relationship found between strategic decision maker’s cognitive complexity and effective strategic decision making within the selected government agencies/commission, but when regressed alongside cognitive diversity, positive correlation exist. It was therefore concluded that, individual strategic decision maker with both characteristics is hoped to do well in strategic decision engagement. In the light of this study results and conclusion, it was recommended amongst other things that, if organization management is to appraise decision maker’s characteristics as a basis to ascertain efficacy and effectiveness in decision making process and situations, priority attention should be given to both cognitive diversity and complexity characteristics.

Citation: Eromafunu, Godbless Edward, Akpoyibo, Godspower, & Isaac, Akpevwe Power (2022) Effective Strategic Decision-Making and Strategic Decision Makers’ Characteristics: The Role of Cognitive Diversity and Complexity, European Journal of Business and Innovation Research, Vol.10, No.6, pp.,18-33

Keywords: cognitive complexity, cognitive diversity, decision makers., strategic decision making

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37745/ejbir.2013/vo10.n6pp1833

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 18-33 (Download PDF)

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