Exploring Critical Factors Influencing Sustainable Food Consumption: A Conceptual Review


Sustainable food consumption is consumption of foods/diets that meets the dietary needs of man, the society, environment, economy and culture. Everyday great amounts of food are produced, processed, transported by the food industry and consumed by us. Hence, a comprehensive model of determinants of the sustainability of consumption is developed and applied to food consumption. When discussing the problem of unsustainable consumption, there is a need to focus on consumers’ behavior towards the decision making process. The sustainability of food consumption depends on individual consumer choices, but these individual choices are severely constrained by a range of factors. This paper is an attempt to profile these factors that affect sustainable food consumption. In addition, a research model is drawn up to aid further studies in this area.

Keywords: Environmental Factors, attitude, economic factors, perceived behavioural control, sensory factors, subjective norms, sustainable food consumption

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37745/ejbir/vol8.no1.pp32-42.2020

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 32-42 (Download PDF)

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