The Role of Emotional Intelligence among Principals of Secondary Schools: A Case of Plateau State Nigeria


The study considers the role of emotional intelligence among principals of secondary schools: a case of plateau state. This study administered a questionnaire survey of 217 of principals of secondary schools. Exploratory Factor analysis, correlation and hierarchical regression analyses were performed. Results revealed that the contribution self-management and self-awareness are significantly and positively related to the performance of principals of secondary schools. This study was conducted in plateau state Nigeria. More so, investigation could be conducted to cover other states in the country. The study employed a cross-sectional approach. A longitudinal approach should be employed to study the trend over a period of time. Finally, the two factors identified in motivating principals’ behaviour may not be adequate in explaining the phenomenon. Hence, other factors should be considered in subsequent research. Since responsibilities of the principals is a crucial to meet the needs of human resources, it is relevant for the principals to be sure of their state of mind for better performance. Hence, with diverse programmes offered by the government to encourage the performance of the principals to have positive mind-set for high performance. This study contributes to the dearth of evidence of emotional intelligence elements on principals of secondary schools and adding to the body of literature by investigating their ability to manage conflict.

Keywords: Conflict management; emotional intelligence; Self-management; self-awareness

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