Entrepreneurship Development Course To Foster Character Merchandise In Support Economic Growth


This analysis focuses on the entrepreneurship education and economic growth to welfare in the nation. Development of learning and teaching activities aims to build a spirit of human creativity, innovation, sportsmanship and self-employment. These learning need to be followed up with efforts to integrate character education classes, education, creative economy, and entrepreneurship education into the college curriculum. This program is a very important to economic growth, and more important than the object that is emphasized in most economic education. The image is an impression that a poor country because people do not have program entrepreneurship education with effective and efficiency, so perceptions received by a person when he saw, heard and used in the national industry to generate economic value. The image must be built in a planned and measured so as to discover the presence of a positive impact on the nation. The economic structure of the creative assets that have the potential to increase of economic growth. World transformed rapidly with economic growth, from the SDA-based human resource-based, from the agricultural era to the industrial era and the views of economic development based on the flow of ideas. Wave of creative economy is a stream that has been accepted as the flow of the new economy in the economic civilization. previous waves, among others: the wave of agricultural economics, industrial economics wave, and wave information economy. Creative economy as a recent surge in economic growth, entrepreneurship needs to be invested in the lecture so that they can optimally support its economic growth.

Keywords: creative economy, economic growth, entrepreneurial

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