The Influence of Oil Palm Plantation toward the Insect Ecology on Chilli Plant in Desa Bangun Rejo, Labuhanbatu Utara, Indonesia


Chili has some compounds that are useful for human health. Chili also contains antioxidants that function to keep the body from free radical attack. The need for red chili (Capsicum annum L.) keeps on escalating along with the increasing number of population and the development of food industry that requires chilly as raw material. Based on the Tukey Test results showed that the observation time significantly affects the number of species (F = 3.049; P = 0.0006) and the abundance of pollinator insect (F = 5,739; P = 0,0000). The pollinator insects begin to activate at 07.00 am and increase at 10.00.

Keywords: Ecology, insect, oil palm plantation. red chili

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