Opportunities and Potential of hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) production in Ethiopia


Citation: Desta Bekele  (2022) Opportunities and Potential of hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) production in Ethiopia, European Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Research, Vol.10, No.2, pp. 14-20

Hot pepper (Capsicum annuum var. L) is the most common Capsicum pepper in Ethiopia.  It is growing in different agro ecological conditions leading to economically important variability for improvement. The objective of this review is to study the opportunities and potential of hot pepper production in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has the opportunities of hot pepper production like introduction of new varieties, suitable agro ecology, the expansion of infrastructure, access to foreign markets, and the expansion of technology like telecommunication. Production of hot pepper is limited in many factors like diseases incidence, lack of improved varieties, soil fertility and extension services. Generally, we conclude that Ethiopia has conducive environment for hot pepper production. In future government should have to take the responsibility to improve the production of hot pepper.

Keywords: Ethiopia, Hot pepper, Production, opportunities, potential

Article Review Status: Published

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