Sustainable Environmental Pest Management (New Invention) at Niger Delta University Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria


Sustainable Environmental Pest Management was conducted at the Department of Crop and Soil Science Laboratory, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria for the control of Mosquitoes at Student Hostels, June 2019. The project was sponsored by Tetfund in collaboration with Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island Bayelsa State Nigeria, 2018 on the use of plant extracts and plant essential oils (EOs). Plant extracts and EOs were used to formulate a bio-pesticide named Alamicide for effective mosquito control at the students’ Hostels. Excel 2016 was used for the analysis of the data generated from 311 questionnaires received from the respondents, on the efficacy of Alamicide Bio-pesticide application (Fumigation) at the different student hostels were evaluated. Preliminary research findings shown that most of the students (respondents) both Boys and Girls (179) at their respective Hostel Rooms, had a percentage of 60.47% responded that there was significant effect of Alamicide Bio-pesticide application on the control of Mosquitoes when compared with no respondent of 117 students, this value had a percentage of 39.52% from the questionnaires received indicated that Alamicide had no significant application effect on the incident of mosquitoes control. However, from the overall analysis on percentage, Alamicide was significantly effective bio-pesticide that control mosquitoes in the students’ Hostels. Duration of its application indicated that onetime application, its efficacy can last for a period of one-three days (1-3 days) or more as indicated in the graph. One hundred and seventeen (117) Students that had negative responses were the ones that did not obey the instructions from the researcher and his team members. When instructions were followed strictly after fumigation, i.e. windows and doors were closed for about 5-15mins, duration of efficacy can equally last up to 4-5days. This product is first of its kind in the world and its efficacy lasted up 1-5 days after onetime application when the researchers’ instructions were strictly adhered to. Also when compared to other synthetic insecticides like Mobil, Sniper, Total, Mortem and Raid, their efficacy only lasted for few hours. This product is environmental friendly, had no negative side effect on human health when compared to the synthetic insecticides. One can comfortably stay and eat food immediately after application at the spot, because it is harmless, but you can’t perform such activities when synthetic chemicals (are applied. From the respondents (Students) 84% wanted Tetfund Research Grants on Sustainable Environmental pest (Mosquitoes) management to continue at Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State to completely eradicate Mosquitoes in student Hostels to solve the problem of malaria. The first phase of the research is almost completed except one of the boys Hostel. Second Phase is for Lecturers’ offices and the University Administrative block. We are therefore convinced that on completion of the programme, the result will be outstanding when instructions are followed effectively.  

Keywords: Alamicide Bio-pesticide, Instructions, Management, Niger Delta University, Pest, Sustainable, Synthetic insecticides

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