Growth Response of Sweet Dattock (Detarium Microcarpum Guill and Perr) to Selected Forms of Poultry Manure


A research on growth response of Detarium microcarpum to different forms of poultry manure was conducted in the screen house of the Federal College of Forestry (FCF), Ibadan which lies on Latitude 7º 23¹ N and Longitude 3º 51¹E. Completely Randomized Design with eighteen seedlings was used. Poultry manure was collected from FCF Poultry farm. Fifty kilogram of poultry manure was thoroughly mixed in 120litre capacity drum with 85litre of water. The mixture was covered for 24 hours, and 25 litre of the supernatant layer was collected afterward. The liquid collected was referred to effluent representing Treatment A – Poultry Manure Effluent (PME), the sediment was referred to sludge representing Treatment B – Poultry Manure Sludge (PMS) and Control then represent Treatment C – No manure (CTL).  Fifty centiliter of PME was administered weekly to a seedling of six as Treatment A, 0.2Kg of PMS was administered to a seedling of six as Treatment B and last set of six seedlings representing Treatment C served as Control. Parameters measured were leaf production, number of branches, seedling height, leaf area and collar diameter. Data was collected for sixteen weeks, and analyzed using SAS. Mean separation was used to show the relationship among the D. microcarpum seedlings. The result showed that there is significant difference among the three treatments. PME showed the greatest effect on growth response of Detarium microcarpum seedlings in all the parameters considered. Poultry manure is then recommended for combating slow growth in Detarium microcarpum with PME as outstanding form.

Keywords: Detarium microcarpum; Poultry manure; Effluent; Sludge; Supernatant layer

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