A Conceptual Review of Tax Compliance Studies of Some Selected Developing Countries


It is pertinent that sustainable tax compliance is achieved only if the tax policy takes the main determinants of tax compliance into consideration. Meanwhile, tax compliance has been seen as one of the critical tax administration issue particularly amongst the developing countries of the world. In that regards, scholars have contributed immensely in studying the causes or determinants of the phenomenon based on some prevailing factors associated to economic, social and psychological conditions of our society. And the factors are basically linked to some suggested theories. Nevertheless, the study premised on reviewing some related studies conducted amongst the developing countries of the world based on thematic and chronological approach, in order to know the most commonly identified determining factors of tax compliance between the periods of 1998 to 2022. it is imperative to note that the major determining factors extracted from the reviewed literatures are basically ranked from the most commonly identified to the least identified as: taxpayers attitudes and tax fairness perceptions were frequently identified six times each, secondly, tax payers knowledge, perceived behavior and subjective norms were identified four times each, thirdly, sources of income, complexity of tax laws, ethical sensitivity and religiosity knowledge were frequently identified three times, and lastly, perceive tax system and perceived usefulness were frequently identified from the literatures two times each respectively. Therefore, the study concludes that the commonly identified determining factors of tax compliance in the developing countries based on reviewed literature are taxpayer’s attitude and fairness perception. Hence, other empirical studies may need to be conducted to justify the position of this study.

Citation: Idris Mohammed, Lateef Olumide Mustapha, Adamu Lawal Bello (2022) A Conceptual Review of Tax Compliance Studies of Some Selected Developing Countries, European Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance Research, Vol.10, No. 7, pp.53-62

Keywords: Compliance, Tax, conceptual review, developing countries

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37745/ejaafr.2013/vo10.n7pp5362

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