Credit Risk and Financial Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria: Moderating Role of Risk Management Committee


The global financial crisis of 2008 and the economic dislocation that followed the emergence of COVID 19 adversely affected financial institutions leading to debt crisis in the Nigerian banking sector. Despite the risk management framework within the banking sector, credit still remains a crucial factor in comparison to other driving factors in the bank, due to its attendant risk and the effect on the economy. This study examined the risk management committee’s role on the effect of credit risk on financial performance of 13 deposit money banks in Nigeria from 2012 to 2021. Finance distress theory was adopted for the study. The study adopted census sampling technique. Regression model used to analyze the panel data. The multiple regression result revealed that credit risk has a negative and significant effect on financial performance. The moderating role of risk management committee revealed that credit risk has a positive and significant impact on financial performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria. The study recommends that DMBs in Nigeria should continue improving on their risk management policies to enable good credit facility procedures to borrowers, also the board of directors should actively participate in managing the credit facilities to customers.


Keywords: Credit risk, Deposit Money Banks, Financial Performance, Nigeria, Risk Management


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