A Survey on Compliance of Vietnamese Accounting Standard With IAS/IFRS In International Integration Trend


Globalization trend has raised demand for establishing a consistent legal framework internationally. In Vietnam, accounting standards have been continuously improved to meet this demand. Currently, eight Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS) have been published to comply with International Accounting Standard (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS). This research focuses on evaluating perception of professionals including auditors, chief accountants, investors on quality of VAS’ content by using survey method. The results revealed that surveyors perceived quality of VAS compared to IAS/IFRS as well as the consistence between VAS, accounting system and accounting law at medium level, the disclosure of VAS compared to IAS/IFRS was lower than the recognition of that. Therefore, further enhancement needs to be performed to provide high quality information. This in turn will be crucial for Vietnam in international accounting integration progress.

Keywords: IAS/IFRS; Vietnamese Accounting Standard; Accounting Integration; Accounting Quality

Article Review Status: Published

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