A Study to Measures the Financial Health of Selected Firms With Special Reference To Indian Logistic Industry: An Application of Altman’s Z Score


The Main and utmost important primary objective of any business organization is to maximize

Profit, return and wealth. Profit important not only for survival but also for expansion and pay obligations to the contributories. This paper or present study analyze or investigate the financial health of logistic industry in India with special reference to Container Corporation, Gati Ltd., All Cargo, Aegis etc. For the study period 2005-06 to 2011-2012. Present study reveals that Indian logistic industry was on the range of Healthy and too healthy in our study, Average Z value of all the selected firms for 7 Years were in between 1.82 to 3.39 (2005- 06 to 2011-12). It is good that average Z score value increases from 2006 to 2010 (2.54 to 3.01) when Indian economy hit by global recession. This indicates the overall performance of Indian logistic industry was good. In this regard the present study has investigates the answer of the following questions:

Q-1- Is there any improvement in profitability in Indian logistic industry.

Q-2- Is there any efficiency in return in Indian logistic industry


Keywords: Altman’s Z – Score, Financial performance Financial Ratios

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