Assessment of the Excretion Levels of Heavy Metals Through the Litters of Chickens Fed Varying Prepared Concentrations of Selected Heavy Metals in Their Feeds


Studies were carried out to assess the excretion levels of selected heavy metals (Pb, As, and Cd) through the litters when varied prepared concentrations (10ppm, 20ppm, 30ppm) of the metals were administered to the poultry chickens ( Broilers and Layers) for eight weeks period. The poultry litter samples were digested accordingly and spectrometric analysis was followed. The analysis indicated that heavy metals once ingested into the system are not easily excreted. This bio-accumulative capability of the heavy metals in the specific organs in the body system underpines their reactivity and toxicity. The mean excretion level of the selected heavy metals in the litters was in the following decreasing order: As> Pb> Cd. Finally, the study observed that increased exposure of poultry chickens to heavy metals in the environment also increases the risk of its bioaccumulation and biomagnifications in the system.

Keywords: Bioaccumulation and Poultry Chickens. ________________________________________, Heavy Metals, Poultry litters

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