Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategies for Different Sectors of the Economy


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind. Carbon dioxide, Methane and other greenhouse gases are responsible for climate change which results in global warming. It is estimated that about 37 billion tonnes of carbon dioxides are produced every year from the burning of fossil fuel alone whilst about 7 billion tonnes are produced from deforestation. If the emission of greenhouse gases continues unabated due to anthropogenic activities, the average global temperature will also continues to increase and eventually results to severe weather disruption, rise in sea levels and changes in land use patterns.Hence, this paper aims to highlights the various strategies that could be adopted in a bid to reduce global carbon footprint from anthropogenic activities. The paper employed the use of journals and other scholarly publications to provide insight into possible techniques that could be used in the transportation, manufacturing and housing sector. The paper found that adequate house insulations, low carbon vehicles, renewable energy projects such as small wind turbines, solar water heating system and biomass energy plant are possible steps that could be taken to reduce the carbon footprints of various sectors.

Keywords: Climate Change, carbon footprint, global warming

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