The Impact of Flooding On the Livelihood of People Living In the Luhonono Area in the Zambezi Region, Namibia


This study examined the impact of floods on the livelihoods of the community of the Luhonono area (formally called Schuckmansburg) in the Kabbe constituency in the Zambezi Region of Namibia. The problem identified is the persistent flooding in the Luhonono area, giving rise to the need to look at the impact of floods on the livelihoods of the local community. The study employed both qualitative and quantitative approaches, utilising both descriptive and exploratory designs. The target population for the study was all the heads of households, community leaders and a political councillor of government in Luhonono area. The study applied both purposive sampling and simple random sampling techniques. Structured questionnaires and an interview guide were used as research instruments to collect data from the sample. The data was used to measure the impact of floods on the livelihood of the people in the flood-prone area. The data collected were computed using the Excel computer program version 16.0 and the data were analysed by both qualitative and quantitative techniques. Chi Square tests were carried out to determine the association of villages and the severity of the flooding to the respondents. Hypotheses to test this association were examined using the Chi Square method. It was established that there is no association between the villages and the overall severity of the floods in the Luhonono area. This implies that all the villages were equally affected by the flood. There is a need for further studies to develop baseline data on the impact of flood that will help the Government of the Republic of Namibia in establishing strategies that will help the communities in flood prone areas to develop resilience against the impact of floods. 

Keywords: Disaster, Flood, Hazard, Preparedness, Resilience, Vulnerability

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