Plagiarism: All About How to Avoid


Citation:Mohammed Nurul Islam, Nisar Ahmad Koka,  Mohammed Osman Abdul Wahab and Mohsin Raza Khan   (2022)   Plagiarism: All About How to Avoid, British Journal of English Linguistics, Vol. 10, Issue 1, pp.1-11

Abstract: Plagiarism is a critical concern at all academic institutions nowadays. When someone uses the words/texts of another person without acknowledging them, it is wrong. He can be accused of plagiarism if he does not acknowledge the source of information. This article begins with an overview of plagiarism, examples of different types of plagiarism, penalties for plagiarists, and sheds light on how to avoid it by different strategies. Finally, it discusses the citation (in-text and references) style (APA) elaborately that is most widely used by universities /ISI/refereed journals.

Keywords: APA style, Citation, Plagiarism, Strategies., academic institutions, journals, penalties


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