Evaluating the Awareness and Perceptions of English Teachers in using E-Learning Tools for Teaching in Saudi High Schools


The study was carried out to evaluate English teachers’ awareness and perceptions in using e-learning tools. In this study, a total of 22 English teachers from Yanbu educational department participated in the online survey. The majority of the participants (77.3%) are male. Different e-learning parameters were measured like; skill in using educational technology, teachers’ personal use of technology, type of technology used in the classroom, e-learning confidence, barriers to e-learning, perceived effectiveness of e-learning, and willingness to adopt e-learning tools for teaching. The result of the study showed that English teachers are aware and familiar with popular e-learning tools and perceived its usefulness in teaching and learning. Moreover, teachers were faced with some barriers that prevent them to employ technology in the classroom like; lack of reliable Internet connectivity, lack of training, inadequate devices for both teachers and students, and shortage of class time needed to integrate technology in classroom. The study recommends among other things to provide training programs, workshops and seminars to improve teachers’ skills in integrating technology. Furthermore, it suggest to equip schools with a reliable Internet connectivity and technology devices and to provide teachers with enough time to prepare for using e-learning tools.

Keywords: E-Learning Tools, English Teachers, Perceptions, Saudi Arabia, awareness

Article Review Status: Published

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