Brainstorming, Field Trip and Gender Effects On Junior Secondary School Students’ Attitude to Business Studies in Rivers State, Nigeria


The study investigated the effects of brainstorming, field trip and gender on students’ attitude in Business Studies. The framework for the study was based on Bandura’s social learning theory and Vygotsky’s constructivism theory of learning. All the JSS 2 students (467) in the selected schools participated in the study. Both the experimental and control groups were given students. Seven weeks were spent on the treatment. The Attitude to Business Studies Scale (=0.72) was the measure that was utilized. Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) was used to analyze the data at the 0.05 level of significance. There was significant effect of treatment on students’ attitude to Business studies, [F(2,131)=27.70, partial η2=0.29] with FTTM ( =94.94), BTM ( =88.00), and CM ( =84.90). Gender had no discernible main impact on students’ attitudes toward business studies. The impact of treatment and gender on students’ attitudes toward business studies was nonexistent. Students’ business studies learning outcomes in Rivers State were influenced by both brainstorming and field trips, but the field trip strategy was superio. Teachers should be encouraged to use both methods to motivate students’ attitude to Business studies.

Keywords: Brainstorming, Field Trip, Gender, attitude, business studies.


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