Practicality of Skills Emphasized by Economics Subject Teachers to Enhance Entrepreneurship Ability among Secondary School Students in Moshi District, Tanzania


This study investigated the practicality of skills emphasised by Economics subject teachers to enhance entrepreneurial ability among secondary school students in Moshi District, Tanzania. The study employed a convergent research design under mixed research approach. Both probability and non-probability sampling techniques were used to sample 93 participants from the target population of 568. The sample included 1 zonal quality assurance officer, 4 Heads of Schoolss, 8 Economics subject teachers, and 80 advanced-level students. An interview guide, questionnaires, and a documentary analysis guide were used for data collection. The validity of the instruments was determined by 3 lecturers who are experts in research, curriculum and instruction. The reliability was estimated using Cronbach’s alpha and a coefficient of 0.769 was obtained. With the help of the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS, version 26), quantitative data were analysed and presented in tables using means, frequencies, and percentages. The qualitative data from the interview guide was gathered and presented through direct quotations and narrations after establishing themes according to the research questions. The study found that entrepreneurial skills are emphasised by advanced Economics subject teachers with great prominence on business management skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills, communication skills, customer care skills, financial skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, advertising skills, and risk-taking skills, as well as time management skills. The study concluded that the entrepreneurship ability of advanced students who were undertaking Economics subject was well developed through different learning approaches employed by their Economics subject teachers, including learner-centered approaches. The study recommended that the government should sponsor the training and retraining of Economics subject teachers to acquire current entrepreneurship knowledge and skills required for self-employment so that they teach students the same.

Citation: Evarist V. Musa, Adam Chidyau, Emmanuel Kileo  (2022) Practicality of Skills Emphasized by Economics Subject Teachers to Enhance Entrepreneurship Ability Among Secondary School Students In Moshi District, Tanzania, British Journal of Education, Vol.10, Issue 13, pp.20-32

Keywords: Entrepreneurial Skills, Entrepreneurship, advanced level students, economics subject


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