The Level of Inclusion of the Sustainable Development Concept in Postgraduate Students’ Arabic Researches: Saudi Arabia as a Model


The present study aims to know the level of inclusion of the sustainable development concept in postgraduate students’ Arabic studies, selecting Saudi Arabic ones as a model. Actually, descriptive and analytic methods are employed and the sample of the study includes Arabic studies from 2009 to 2018. In effect, the present study gets the following findings: (a) Studies that have tackled sustainable development are few, (b) MA and PhD theses that are handled herein focus on some dimensions (i.e. the social dimension and the environmental dimension), and (c) There is a scarcity of dealing with the economic dimension, with complete disregard for the political dimension. The study then concludes with recommendations for expanding the concept of sustainable development and its dimensions in order to attain human development.

Keywords: Education for Development, Environmental Security, Global Conservation, Human development

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 90-103 (Download PDF)

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