Assessment of Guidance Services in Senior High Schools in Upper Denkyira East Municipality


The purpose of the study was to assess guidance services rendered in the Senior High Schools(SHS) in the Upper Denkyira East Municipality. To accomplish this, descriptive survey research design procedure with a quantitative approach was adopted. The study employed a multistage sampling procedure where sample size of 474 respondents were used. There were 133 staff (teachers, counsellors and headmasters) and 341 SHS students. Questionnaires were used to obtain data from the respondents. The quantitative data were analysed using descriptive statistics (frequencies and percentages, means and standard deviations) and inferential statistics (independent t-test and MANOVA). The study revealed that generally both students and staff have positive views about the nature of guidance services provided in Senior High Schools within Upper Denkyira East Municipality. Again, it was confirmed that most staff and students agreed that guidance resources and materials are unavailable or inadequate in the schools for effective implementation of guidance services. The findings prove that there was statistically significant difference between the staff and students in their perception towards the nature of guidance services provided. It was therefore recommended that the Ghana Education Service implement fully its policy of assigning guidance and counselling coordinators to each Senior High Schools to allow for constant and fulltime access of the students to guidance and counselling.

Keywords: Counselling, Guidance Services, Senior High Schools, Students

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