Some Common Misconstructions and Misinterpretations in Basic Algebra: A Case of Students of University for Development Studies and Navrongo Senior High School in Ghana


This study investigated some common misconstructions and misinterpretations in basic algebra among students of University for Development Studies (UDS) and Navrongo Senior High School (NAVASCO) in Ghana, with a view to exposing the nature and origin of these errors and making suggestions for classroom teaching. The study employed both quantitative and qualitative approach to data collection process, involving the use of pencil-andpaper tests and interviews. The quantitative data involved a pre-tested test for its validity and reliability given to 50 students. Furthermore, interviews were later organised directly for ten students purposefully selected to identify their misconstructions, misinterpretations and reasoning processes. Data analyses were largely done through descriptive statistics and incorporated elements of inferential statistics such as independent t-test. The main conclusions drawn from this study were attributed to lack of conceptual knowledge and basic understanding of algebra. 

Keywords: Algebra, Expressions, Misconstruction, Misinterpretation, Variables

Article Review Status: Published

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